Cards for Story Creation and Ideation

Plot&Story | the information

Plot&Story is a deck of cards designed not for gameplay or simple ideation. Instead, they are designed for story creation through multiple genres and formats.

Instead of focusing on cards that are abstractions, shapes meant to inspire or influence, these cards (while also using abstract imagery) are designed with story as the principle purpose.

Plot&Story's focus will be on using traditional methods of story telling. These include the monomyth from Joseph Campbell as well as the Fairy Tale structure and the basics surrounding the use of plot as writing device. All other cards and boosters will be built around the specific needs of what makes a specific genre unique.

When using Plot&Story cards, you are not playing a game (though I'd imagine game play is possible), nor do you need large groups of people around. Instead, the Plot&Story cards will be used to set the framework for the story, add plot points, and then flesh those points out with characters, details, locations, items, and so on. Basically, this is storytelling with cards on steroids.

Yes, there are other products out there that profess to do the same thing. However, those products are either gameplay oriented or are designed as a method of directed story creation and ideation.

What Plot&Story will do is create an extensible pack of cards and boosters that will focus on the elements of story that often get lost in the journey from beginning to end. Elements include obstacles that get in the way of the 'happily ever after' or the denoument or the successful completion of the question. The cards are designed to be as random as a deck of cards can get.

Additionally, Plot&Story will focus on the creation of genre booster packs. The genres will (most likely) include Romance, Suspense, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and so on. If there's enough unique elements to a genre that can be added to the pack, we will create and distribute the content.